If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the internet, it is that feminism is good and people who don’t agree are annoying. With tons of magazines vying for your attention, how can you choose which ones to read or at least follow on twitter? Well, that’s easy, now that I have narrowed the list down to 5 (or so). There are more, but these are feminist magazines that deserve more attention.

5) Teen Belle

Just as there is Vogue and Teen Vogue, so too is there Belle and Teen Belle. Well, actually Belle has nothing to do with Teen Belle, but it sounded good. While the former is an Australian home design website, the latter is a magazine “for young womxn by young womxn.” Actually, Teen Belle solves a lot of the “but who counts as women?” screeches with that x. Seriously it is a good idea. Srishti Uppal, editor-in-chief, is herself a young womxn and did what so many are forced to do: create the magazine they wanted to see. The aim of the magazine is to “flourish, educate, and rebel.” Tell me about it! There’s even a post about the queerness of water and I get it. Check out Teen Belle.

4) Ache

Just when you thought you were going to feel good, there’s an intersection feminist magazine about pain and bodies and illness. Ouch! I think anyone can relate to this one. Well, they’re not online so you might need to go to the website and buy a copy. But you can also get a sneak peek at their Instagram.

3) The Nope Book

By far the best magazine name on this list (sorry, Ache) The Nope Book is not so much of a literary magazine as an all around one. This thing is new, and it is new to inform, entertain and empower. And look! Here is a post about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Antidepressants, something close to the heart of many of us.

2) ang(st) zine

If you were looking for a tagline, here goes nothing: The Pandemic Continues, But So Do We! They have made a social distianczine for our (not) wonderful pandemic. Great timely stuff for people who need this, and being feminist-oriented doesn’t do them any harm on top of that!

1) Loose Lips

Where has Canada been during this list? Right here, at #1. Loose Lips is Vancouver’s feminist magazine, and this magazine is very robust. They got columns, essays, music, culture travel etc. Lots of cool stuff here. Especially if you’re living in BC, check it out. Here’s a recent essay on Motherhood and Covid.

These magazines can use your traffic and you can use their resources. Enjoy it!

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