mumber 2

one flower


There is a broad forgotten flower
in the ruins of our days, rising
immaculate from the frozen earth,
its purple heart waiting for a woman’s
name: Rose, Iris, Veronica,


The Higher Things

Why not act indulgent and reckless for once?

An oarsman floats on a weightless scull.
Salt in the low marshes. Sunbathers smoke something strong.

spiral staircase

Love in the Time of Vertigo

Without help now
I can maneuver myself

upright, then supine to correct
the wind spinning my brain

from myself. My face angled
and pillow propping my shoulders,


After the Flood

When the song said that even the sun sets on paradise
I think of you and my body breaks into mist—dear friend—
who once laughed and wept I remember sitting in the next room
hearing the low slow note of your exhale like an oboe’s mumble



She was sixteen years old, returning home from a day's work at Alexander's, the department…