Tag: love

castro street


my shadow
my train.
Luck, this much
is plain:

hatchet face,
ratchet grin.
The bin
needs emptying

too little.
It’s true, I’m in
the middle

an empty airplane aisle

The Best Date

Ryanair’s stuffed plane was about to take off from Berlin. Mira was devastated by the…
a highway to a city

I Give Up

My husband looked at her, then at me—it was a look of amazement and pride. See what our child can do? He wasn’t thinking, say, that she was about to scald herself with hot water.

violas on a rack

Aubade with Mother Gone

And then it came back to me as I heard
a young boy practice his violin
under the concrete canopy of the park’s amphitheater

spiral staircase

Love in the Time of Vertigo

Without help now
I can maneuver myself

upright, then supine to correct
the wind spinning my brain

from myself. My face angled
and pillow propping my shoulders,