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You know, stuff you could read top to bottom as you fall asleep staring at your phone.

Or during your break at work.

Fiction or Nonfiction or Translation that is short and sweet enough to  click on and read through.

We want stuff suited to the internet. That could mean short. It could mean it makes use of hyperlinks. Whatever. Surprise us. Make us laugh. Something between WS Merwin and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Or between Werewolf Bar Mitzvah and Lorrie Moore. That’s the sweet spot.

We want something so good you’d forward it to your mom, your brother, your colleagues at work.

Guidelines are that the work not suck, hold our attention for all of 5 minutes, is unpublished, is English. We will get 1st N.A. serial rights, etc.

Please send all submissions to the corresponding editor and include the Genre and the word Submission in your subject.

Submissions received during closed submissions will not be considered (unless solicited by an editor).

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