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We are a PAYING literary magazine.

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A short editor’s note:

I started this magazine because I am a snob who did not want to embrace the reality of screens everywhere who is trying to embrace it. I read things in bad magazines I liked, and things in good magazines I didn’t. Some of it had merit. Some of it didn’t. But surely there were people whose work I really believed in. Work that I would be proud to post and writers I’d be proud to support. That’s why this exists. I want a place on the internet, on the twitterverse even, that is doing what I want to see. I think it was in the Paris Review interview for Kingsley Amis, the interviewer asked him why he wrote books. He responded that he wrote books because he was not seeing enough of the books he wanted. So this is that. This is work I want to see, to approach what could be considered enough.


Get paid to write. Read what we paid for.

We are 100% digital.

We will pay a competitive rate. 

You can get paid to write, and you get to read what we thought was worth paying for. We showcase fiction/poetry/nonfiction/translation that is good enough to share with your family or friends or secret friends on the internet. Not filling up empty internet space, but smart, intelligent, and fun writing going into your brain hole.

Come here to find work that you love, that you’d show to your coworkers. The focus is on the work and the authors. We have no pretentions but to help you find something to read on your phone or whatever during your lunch break or something. I mean, who has time to read through 5,000 word stories on an internet magazine? Not me. That’s why we are paying. We are paying so that people can show their best work and get what they deserve for hard work. Cash. $$$. Rubles. Pesos. Florins. Whatever. Bitcoin? I do not know.

If you have made it this far down the page then you probably have understood the site is not quite ready to go.

Updates are happening mostly on twitter so please check it out.

For the mean time, please check SUBMIT to see if submissions are open, and look at The Mumber One for updates on our first issue, coming out in 2020.

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To see who else’s work we respect or read, check out the links section.

Finally, our mission. Thanks for giving us a piece of your precious time.





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