Top 500 Most Influential Lit Magazines Ranked

So it is finally here. The most influential literature magazines. 

 Let us know if we missed your magazine, and sorry if you don’t like your place. This is by no means an exact science. I just wanted to let all you hard workers see that you matter.

This will be released over weeks. Thanks for coming and reading! Hope we can help you find a magazine for you.


So it is finally here. The most influential literature magazines. So I guess if you are looking where to submit, or magazines you might emulate, you can use this as a guide. We are using it primarily to see how we can be successful, and what it really takes. A couple of takeaways: a)Having active social media really helps. b) Having a print only magazine or one supported by a university does not really have a huge impact on the popularity of a magazine.


1) These are all magazines in English

2) Magazines may be a single or multiple genres. Glossy magazines that publish fiction or poetry have been included, as well as magazines that only publish poetry.

3) The secret algorithm used to measure “influence” is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.

4) There is no differentiation between online and print magazines, though influence is mostly measured in internet presense rather than on-the-shelves in book stores if that still exists.

5) The ranking will be released over a period of weeks, 25-50 titles at a time.

6) Magazines may be defunct or on hiatus, but still have some important presence.

7) If you think we missed something, let us know.

So without further ado, here are 500-450:

Top 300-350

Top 350-400

Top 400-450

Top 450-500