4 Publications Publishing Black Writers

Happy #Juneteenth

Many talk to the talk, but these walk the walk. Here are some publications actually walking the walk about Black writers.

4. NIGHTLIGHT podcast

Everything you ever wanted to listen to about and by Black writers… of horror… and more. Very neat thing they got going on here.


3.A Seat at the Table

ASATT strives to “amplify the voices of women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and disabled gamers in tabletop gaming.” What an interesting mission.

They’re brand new and doesn’t look like they have content up on the site (afaik), but I am hoping they have a nice launch. Looking forward to seeing more!


2. SistahSciFi

Afro futurism by Black women. Hell yeah! Need we say more?

Well we will. It is a self-proclaimed cauldron. A cauldron the sells books. Check it out.



Perhaps having saved the best for last, here is Zora magazine on Medium – this is just a fantastic magazine of Black writing centered around black women. So much insightful stuff going on.

A publication for Black women. That’s what we need.

Check out this beautiful article by @feministajones: https://zora.medium.com/black-love-is-more-revolutionary-than-ever-7206161f139b

“Love fortifies us in other ways, though, specifically the intimate kind of love that offers us a soft place to land at the end of an emotionally exhausting day. It’s the love that rubs our feet after hours of protest and washes our clothes after they’ve been drenched in pepper spray or coated in tear gas.”

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