Last night I had a dream in which a voice said, “You have a lot in common with Trump!”
“What?” I said in surprise. “What in the world could I possibly have with that rich, authoritarian idiot?”
“You and he both dislike “Parasite”,” said the voice.
“So?” I said. “Lots of people don’t like that movie. It doesn’t mean I have anything in common with –”
“Not only that,” said the voice. “You both complain about it winning the Oscar.”
“So?” I said. “Big deal. Lots of people think it dоеsn’t deserve the Oscar.”
“There’s more,” the voice went on relentlessly. “You both have ties to Russia.”
“Ha-ha,” I said. “Indeed, I have ties to Russia: I was born there. As for Trump, his Russian connections are of a somewhat different kind.”
“You both think that present-day America is a country that benefits only the wealthy,” the voice continued.
“Indeed,” I said. “Only I’m not one of those wealthy ones, while the Idiot most certainly is.”
“There! You both tend to think of people you dislike as “idiots”, the voice continued.
“Will you stop this nonsense please!” I said just as the alarm clock started ringing next to my pillow. “You could mention some differences, too. For example, he tweets his half-baked thoughts all day long, while I never tweet.”
At this point I woke up, and the voice became silent.


One morning I woke up from someone shouting in my ear “Trump is here! Trump is here!” Why would Trump want to come to my house, I wondered, especially since I didn’t invite him? I went to bed very late last night, so it took me several minutes to fully open my eyes. When I woke up, I saw my two cats, on both sides of me, leaning into my face and making that particular sound, not quite a meow, more like a “kva”, which means, “Breakfast time!”. So that’s where that shout “Trump is here!” was coming from.


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